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Lord Varaha

Chaturdashi after Vijaya Dashami

The Chaturdashi after Vijaya Dashami is auspicious for the worship of Lord Varaha, the third avatar of Maha Vishnu. Lord Varaha should be worshipped with Bhumadevi, the reason being Maha Vishnu is the protector of everything on earth.

Lord Varaha
Lord Varaha

Demon Hiranyaksha took away the earth and dropped it into the primordial waters. Maha Vishnu took the Varaha Avtar to rescue the earth and kill the demon. Lord Varaha has the head of a boar with a human body. Lord Varaha, actually, married Bhumadevi to keep protecting her till eternity.

Even now we worship Lord Varaha so that He keeps the natural resources intact. It is not necessary that a demon has to come in the form of Hiranyaksha. People, destroying the natural resources, are also demons in human form. Thus, on this day, worshipping Lord Varaha is important. Even worshipping the Sun God on this day has its own benefits.

The foundation should be placed in childhood. When children are given building blocks, they should be told to make mountains, ponds and plants as well to keep the place green and full of resources.

The next day is Kojagiri Pournima. The worship place is to be cleaned and the paste made of cow dung, cow’s urine and turmeric powder should be applied at that place, on Chaturdashi night itself.


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