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Dealing with Unruly School Children

Today, I would like to share an incident that happened with a fellow school teacher. In several schools, teachers are changed every year because the management does not want to pay the amount determined by the pay commission. As a result, children do not have respect for their teachers. Their attitude is, “This teacher will not stay here for long. Why should we listen to her?”
Besides, senior teachers are afraid of the children for fear of a complaint being made against them. The end result is that the children go out of hand and become wayward. They also disrespect the teacher. In a similar situation, my friend (who does not want to be named) approached the class teacher of the boisterous 8th class. The class teacher did not support her because my friend was a newcomer in the school and relatively junior to her in the field.
After pondering over the issue, my friend approached the school psychologist, to have a session with the parents to sort the issue. This female indirectly insulted my friend and told her point-blank, “You do not earn well. So, you do not have the right to complain. I have tried this before. Nobody listens to someone who does not earn well.”
I wonder since when does the amount one earns decides if the person’s problem has to be solved or not. And the first principle of psychology is to be open to new ideas. If someone puts forward a new idea, it should not be dismissed saying it would not work. This incident happened in a big private school in Mumbai Suburbs.


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