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Tomorrow is Another Day! (Part IV)

The next assignment was given right then. Ravi knew the details and shared them with me.


“Our client is a woman, who feels that her husband is going to kill her. We have to tail this man and find out the truth.”

For the second time that day, we started tailing a man from his office. He was in a car this time. We lost him at a red traffic light so we had to return to the office.

The third case that was waiting for us was about a missing diary.

“That sounds interesting,” I remarked.

“Wait till you hear the details.”

“What do you mean?”

“The diary is to be published into a book, a sort of memoirs. The man, who wrote it, is dead. Its existence was known only when his will was read. Unless it is brought out, the inheritance cannot be distributed. Our client is a busy lawyer, who does not have the time to look for old diaries. I can tell by the look of it, this is going to be too easy.”

“Ravi, tell me. Why did you become a detective? Don’t you find this exciting?”

“I took this job to fill a belly. I am a mechanical engineer. There is more scope for Information Technology, now. I did not get any job. I was ready to work hard and the boss was kind enough to let me join them.”

I was badly disappointed. After all, detective work seemed to be as good as any routine job. The initial excitement ebbs after some time in any job. Eventually, things become very predictable. As Ravi had said, the diary was lying in the dead man’s office, mixed up among some documents.

By the time I reached home, I felt drained of all energy. All the bones in my body were aching. I had no strength left even to have dinner. In no time, I was asleep.

“Kiran, wake up,” Mom shook me up. “What are you mixed up with this time? Instinct Detective Agency’s director has called you on our landline.”

To be continued…


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