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Tomorrow is Another Day! (Vth and the Concluding Part)

“Kiran, wake up,” Mom shook me up. “What are you mixed up with this time? Instinct Detective Agency’s director has called you on our landline.”


I sat up, groggily. In an instant, all of what had happened the day before came back to me. Without even bothering to even wash my face, I ran to the phone.

“Ms. Mathur, you are late for your job on your second day at it,” Mr. Pandey, the director, teased her.

“Oh, I am sorry, Sir. I overslept this morning. You see, I have never moved about so much in one day.”

“Aren’t you coming then? Mr. Chopra is waiting for you in the office.”

“Well! I don’t think I could make it, Sir.”

“I take it you are taking the day off.”

“No, Sir. I don’t think, I will be able to make it at all, Sir.”

“Well! Ms. Mathur, where has your enthusiasm gone? What will Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew say about you?”

“Sir…” I said, sheepishly. “I guess, I am not cut out for detective work.”

“Hey, don’t give up, child. We never get such enthusiastic youngsters in this field, today. Meet me after completing your studies. In the meantime, I want you to join some sports activity to increase your endurance for physical strain. I would also advise you to join the National Cadet Core,” he said, encouragingly and hung up.

I wondered if I really could make it in the field of the private eye. It’s too early to say, now, I suppose. Like Scarlet said at the end of Gone with the Wind, “Tomorrow is another day.” Who knows? If I took Mr. Pandey’s advice, I might even someday become the top op!


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