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Designer Pawan Sachdeva

What’s Hot and Happening in North Indian Groom Wear?

Brides prepare for their D-day with enthusiasm. Likewise the grooms too choose their wedding dress in style. Over the years there have been a lot of variations in groom wear. Today in groom wear, tradition and experimentation have become prevalent. Like the bride, the grooms also want their dress to make them stand out. Men’s wear designer Pawan Sachdeva enlightened us about the trends which are hot and happening in the North Indian Groom wear.

Experiments in Groom Wear Include Long Skirts!
Experiments in Groom Wear Include Long Skirts!

Styles and Sherwanis: We asked Pawan, regarding the current trends in groom wear in the North of India. He explained, “Men’s fashion has really evolved in past couple of years. Today’s groom is willing to experiment new looks for his wedding day instead of sticking to age old traditional dresses. The latest trend in groom wear is an anarkali paired with pajami like the kings of India used to adorn.”
Experiments include long skirts! Pawan enlightened, “Similarly even for Sherwanis, they are trying its various new avtars, like a mid thigh sherwani with well fitted pants, a long sherwani with pleated salwar instead of a churidar and more innovative ones even going in for flared long skirt with sherwani. The trends of late are changing and men are experimental with their clothes and don’t shy away from trying something different for the wedding day as they want to stand out.”
For the western look, they are trying all different hues teaming them with bold colour ties, pocket squares and waist coats. He insisted, “Floral is also in for men’s jackets and more and more grooms are flaunting it these days. They want to impress the bride with their stylish look and compete with her dress.”

Designer Pawan Sachdeva
Designer Pawan Sachdeva

Groom’s Preferences: Men prefer to go in for something unique yet classy and the most important factor is the fit and the style when they decide the outfit. He said, “For the wedding day, grooms are going in for the newer versions of sherwani looks. For reception, it’s the tuxedo with lot of variations and trends included, while for sangeet and cocktail, the conservative ones prefer Nehru Jacket and the style savvy men experiment with the latest in fashion.”

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Designer’s Favourites: Men do not insist on their choice of style and leave it to the designer. Pawan, elucidated, “At times, they do ask for their own designs, but by and large, my clients stick to what I decide for them as they have confidence in my style and what I choose for each of them according to their personality. Because whatever the fashion maybe, I prefer to stick to a man’s personality and his body and then alter the fashion accordingly and give him something which is latest as far as fashion is concerned and yet suits him perfectly well. By and large, their favourite is tuxedo and sherwani but today’s man is opening up to the fashion and is trying all new styles.”

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