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The Passing of a Legend (VIIth and Concluding Part)

Realizing that their game was up, all the criminals surrendered and were herded out, together. In the commotion, the girls helped Prakriti up from her chair. She got up weakly. The fivesome triumphantly walked out of the room with the celebrity, they loved. Radha called the editor, happily, the moment ...

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The Passing of a Legend (Part VI)

When the girls tried to touch Prakriti, who had been beaten black and blue; she cringed away from them, in fright. Then, she recognized Katherine and Radha and began to cry, loudly. Keshav requested her not to cry aloud and she began to calm down. Radha undid the ropes that ...

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The Passing of a Legend (Part V)

“What can be the right course of action now?” Asha asked. “Though things are suspicious here, we are looking for evidence in the Prakriti case. And that will be hindered if we go looking for the hidden person,” Katherine observed. “On the contrary, I would rather we look for the ...

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The Passing of a Legend (Part IV)

The fivesome looked around, again and still could not see the room-boy. So, they advanced toward the room where Prakriti was staying on the fateful day. Keshav fished out a Swiss knife and tried to open the built-in lock of the door. Initially, it did not budge. But minutes later, ...

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The Passing of a Legend (Part III)

“How did you know?” Radha asked Keshav Pradhan. “I have been doing some background research on this case from the time reports of her death began to be circulated around. I knew Radha would be assigned the case and Mr. Iyer would ask us to investigate it with her. Mr. ...

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The Passing of a Legend (Part II)

The man in front of the girls was Radha’s elder brother Inspector Kartik Srinivasan. With him was Senior Inspector Keshav Pradhan. They were in plain clothes. Radha looked away from Keshav because she was still angry with him for playing a prank on her. Kartik looked at his sister smiling ...

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The Passing of a Legend

Radha Srinivasan entered The True Story office and was told to visit the editor’s central cubicle in the editorial department, immediately. The editor, Mr. Iyer told her to pull up a chair close to him. With him was Katherine D ’Costa, the Bollywood reporter. Katherine or Kates, as Radha called ...

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Ritwij – Youngest Indian to Write a French Novel!

Ritvij Shandilya

We at, A Journalist Reveals, found a 16-year old, who has written a French novel! It is an epic fiction. The name of this teenager is Ritwij Shandilya. Would you believe that he learnt French from the internet? Let us find out more about the kid in this interview: What ...

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A Joke

Some young men were sitting together and discussing various things. One of them told the others that they should find out, who is the biggest liar, among them. So, they began telling the biggest lie they could and one of them decided to judge them. The first man said indicating ...

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A Poem

The Rainy Day

This is another of my daughter’s poems, which she wrote as a child. By Vidhyalakshmi Rao The Rainy Day By Gayatri T Rao Once in a while, I get this chance; To step into the rain and happily dance. Raindrops fall, quick and fast. Will this situation ever last? The ...

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