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A Humanitarian Rickshaw Driver (Photo only for Representation)

A Humanitarian Rickshaw Driver

There are good people. There are bad people. This can be seen in all spheres. We are taking up the issue of rickshaw drivers today.
We have heard of rickshaw drivers looting ladies, raping girls and little children. But, we came across a humanitarian rickshaw driver, about whom we read somewhere, and we would like to share about it. Let us emphasize that this is a real incident.

A Humanitarian Rickshaw Driver (Photo only for Representation)
A Humanitarian Rickshaw Driver (Photo only for Representation)

Education has gained importance even in small towns, today. Girls have, often, to go to the city to give exams. There were 5 girls, who had to give 10 papers. For this, they had decided to get accommodation in the city for the period of the exams. They found one rickshaw. Being 5 girls, they did not find another rickshaw. This rickshaw driver accommodated all of them comfortably and took them to a good family, who accommodated the girls as paying guests. Not only this, the rickshaw driver would take them to the exam hall all through the days of the exam and safely bring them back. On the last day, while returning home, he refused to get paid for his services.
The girls asked him about his background. He replied, “I have passed 10th standard. When my fourth brother had turned 15, my mother expired while giving birth to my youngest brother. My parents wanted a girl. Our relatives compelled my father to get married again. But, nobody was ready to give their daughter to him, thinking we are unlucky and have no girls in the family. My father became mentally disturbed. We, brothers, helped him take care of our last brother. I, now, take care of our small field of crops and drive this rickshaw to educate my brothers. I like to study. But, I can’t afford to. When I saw you, girls, I saw my sisters in you and thought I should help you. That is why I don’t want to take the payment.”
But, the girls compelled him to take the payment. 4 of the girls accepted him as a brother. But, one girl…
To be Continued…


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