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Guidance Readings – June 2022 (Part IV)

Today, we share the Guidance Readings – June 2022 (Part IV), by our resident Fortune Card Reader, Sundaravalli. This is the fourth and the last part of the post.

Guidance Readings – June 2022 (Part IV)


You will show devotion and unconditionality in love. Everyone will appreciate your work and that will make you happy. You will approach your goals with every step that you take. Obstacles on your path will only make you stronger. Legal issues need to be resolved soon.


Act impulsively at the right time for success. Be assured that your principles will bring good results in the future. Keep your focus intact. Work hard consistently to reach your goals.


The Almighty will shower you with liveliness, justice and knowledge. He will propel you toward your goals and help you realize your dreams. The cards herald luxurious living and loving care. They also predict movement, power, development and journeys.


Avoid thinking about yourself only. Pray to God for stability in your lives. Keep a balance in your activities and harmony in your lives for achieving happiness. You have that power in you. Use it wisely.


The cards herald good fortune, positive opportunities and an increase in your wealth. God will manifest your destiny according to your current Karma. Life often throws surprises at you. Mysterious happenings are foretold for Pisceans and they will create magic in your lives. Expect some delays at work. However, you will complete them in time with patience. The Divinity will propel you toward the right decisions.


Do not leave any activity incomplete. The chaos around you could be overwhelming. Look up to the Divine for answers to your queries and take informed decisions. Turn the decisions into actions post contemplation on them.

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Sundaravalli would be happy to reply to personalized queries. You can contact her at


The above readings are general guidance readings not specific to individuals. Readers are requested to contact Sundaravalli for more detailed readings.

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