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Navaratri Third day

The Adhya Shakti descended on earth 4 days ago. This time the first day continued on the next day. So, there were 2 first days or Prathamas. Thus, today is Tritiya and the day of Goddess Chandraghanta. The Devi’s name is thus because the moon is placed on her head in the shape of a bell.


Today, besides the Devi, Mahavishnu and Hanuman can also be worshipped. The importance of Chandraghanta is that She gives all types of Abundance. There is a ritual during Navaratri to offer bells to all the above 3 Gods, in temples or homes.

Today, morning and evening, we should ring the bells at least 21 times each. But, at our home, we are caught in a web of black magic, miserably. Thus, the auspicious ringing of the bells will not go with the black magic. Besides, we had bronze bells from very large ones to small and mini ones. Thanks to Our Lady of Intolerance, Mrs. Vaishali Manish Jagani, most of it is gone. Also, we had plenty of brass diyas. Even those are gone.

This time the Devi descended to the earth on a horse and will leave here on a hen. Some South Indians would place 9 horses and 9 hens in the golu. Thanks to Our Lady of Intolerance there are only one horse and one hen left of our collection. Besides, we had 8 small plastic elephants. There is only one left of it. We had 12 very small puppies with pencil sharpeners. Only one is left of it. Similarly, we had brought different coloured crystal lingas from Kalahasti. Only 2 are left of them. I wonder why they have left what they have left.

This it appears is her pooja. She says that whatever she is doing is not sin. Like I said before she has made a group of supporters from our building. This is the sixth year of Navaratri since we shifted here. She has been stealing things from our home since our second Navaratri here.

Mom used to arrange scenes from mythology near the golu. This stuff was required for making the scenes. That is why, she had made these collections. We would keep these things open on the golu and on shelves, since there is no small child at our home.

Mom was ill when we shifted here. We were in a compulsion to shift into a home immediately because there was a major operation impending for Mom. During this situation, we shifted to this home in one trip. We are not settled till now due to Mom’s health and my hectic schedule of work and studies.

Besides, we have been undergoing the torture from Our Lady of Intolerance and her black magic. I haven’t even got the time to file a case against her. Mom says that God is observing everything. He has punished people for even unknown sins. So, while she is troubling us on purpose, He will definitely do something about her. Now, it is to be seen that I file the case on her first or God punishes her.

Mom tells me to concentrate on my work and studies. Everything can be acquired back. But, the loss of time cannot be made up for. That woman, who is a black mark on humanity, has abused us so much. She had taught such dirty things about us to her daughter, when she was small, it is shocking that a small girl would say something of that kind.

She keeps taunting us by calling her name, meaning whatever dirty she said about us. Her name is Hitakshi. But she is the daughter of Satan, the devil incarnate.


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