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Pooran Poli

Karnataka and Maharashtra have similar traditions. During Naga Chaturthi, fried modaks are made. During Holi, Pooran Poli is made.
If many guests visit home, again making Pooran Polis for all of them becomes a problem. So, this recipe is suggested.
Recipe: Roast semolina and grind to a powder. Mix 3 parts of refined flour with one part of semolina and some turmeric powder and salt. Mix enough water to make it to the consistency of Neer Dosa batter. Keep it aside.
Take required amount of grated coconut. Add jaggery and cardamom powder to make the inner stuffing. Keep it aside.
Boil split gram in enough water and drain the water. Grind the gram in a mixie in the consistency of Rawa, without adding more water. Add jaggery and cardamom to make a dry stuffing. Keep it aside.
Make dosas with ghee and sprinkle the gram powder all over it on the tawa itself. Place the coconut stuffing in the middle of the dosas. Roll the dosas like masala dosas and close them with cloves.


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