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A Tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Recently, young artists from IIT and NIT came together to produce a music video under the aegis of the production house, Purplehed. The video is their creative rendition offering tribute to late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The music video Burn Like the Sun can be seen on the Purplehed VEVO Channel on YouTube – and aims to contribute to the vision of late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Purplehed’s music video has been inspired by the teachings of late Dr. Kalam and his vision for India. Burn like the Sun, the music video teaches how to educate and empower people to break external and internal shackles which create a barrier between them and progress.

Ashutosh Upadhyay, the founder of Purplehed Productions, goes by his stage name Purplehed. Purplehed has penned soulful lyrics for Burn like the Sun. Ashutosh is not only the Songwriter/Singer, he is also a lead character in the video. Anurag Upadhyay, Co- founder, Purplehed, has beautifully choreographed the act along with the modern contemporary dancer Krupa Shah. Anurag and Krupa are playing the imaginary lead characters in the video.

A Journalist Reveals caught up with the brothers – Ashutosh and Anurag for a small interview for our website. Here are excerpts of the conversation:

Why did you select our late former president for giving tribute through this art music video?

Dr. Kalam has always been an inspiration especially via his teachings. The music video is inspired by his teachings and his vision for India. The former president always chose to call himself a teacher and he wanted to see India educated. According to his vision, education in India in 2020 will be coming from a good value system, which is not denied to candidates with merit, discriminating on the basis of society or economy. This the late president has mentioned in the chapters on Distinctive Profile of a Developed India in his book India 2020: – A developed nation.

Why did you select the given method to depict your tribute?

The purpose of using modern music and dance art forms is to create a stronger and long lasting impact on the minds of the viewers especially youth. Therefore, an abstract storyline has been used, which combines with modern contemporary dance theatre and is complimented by EDM/Pop music that the youth relates to. The main objective is to leave the viewer with positive and inspiring thoughts supporting the vision of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Anurag (Standing) and Ashutosh (Sitting)
Anurag (Standing) and Ashutosh (Sitting)

What was in your mind when you decided the use that particular music (tune) and dance for the tribute?

Film making is a responsible field, inspiring the society and the youth. The song is about hope and dreams. It’s about escaping from the bars and chains that stop us from realizing our dreams. Burn like the Sun is the expression to rise, shine and conquer the darkness and fears that suppress us from becoming our true selves. The Song also interweaves a Sanskrit sloka from Bhagwad Geeta – chapter 2 verse 47. It means, “You can work for it, it is your right but you can not claim your right on the fruits. The fruits of action should not be your motive nor should you be attached to inaction.”

Are you planning anything else on the same lines for the near future?

We wish to explore elements of Indian music and dance forms to create modern art via music videos for the global audience. We will continue to create unique content that aims at inspiring viewers.

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