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Apple Paisam (Kheer, Pudding)

Apple Paisam (Kheer, Pudding)



Grated Fuji apple variety from Washington Apples Collection – ½.

Moong dal – 50 gms.


Thin puffed rice (poha) – 50 gms.

Thick milk – 150 liters.

Sugar – 100 gms.

Cashew nuts – 5.

Dried grapes – 15.

Powder of 2 elaichi.

Jaggery – few small chunks.

Ripe banana – 1 – chopped into small pieces.

Method: Roast moong dal in a hot kadhai. Add water and boil. Roast poha in another hot kadhai. When moong dal is ½ done, add roasted poha and let it cook. Boil milk in another bowl. When the poha-moong mixture is done, add sugar and mix well. Add grated apple to the mixture and cook, stirring for 1 minute. Add milk and switch off the stove in another minute. In another kadhai roast cashew nuts and dried grapes with elaichi powder. Add this mixture to the half formed paisam (kheer). Pour the hot paisam into a serving bowl. Garnish with small chunks of jaggery and small pieces of ripe banana. This paisam can be served very hot, in room temperature or cooled.

Serves: 2-3 persons.


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