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Pragati wants Forma Pictura to go Global

Pragati wants Forma Pictura to go Global. That’s what we’re talking about today.


Pragati wants Forma Pictura to go Global

We met Pragati Chitravanshi on instagram and struck a friendship. She agreed to do an interview with us. Here’s what she told us about her work and future plans:

What are your educational qualifications?

I have done an MBA in HR from Symbiosis Pune. I have also done an MSc in mathematics.

How did you get interested in art?

I have been interested in fine arts since my childhood. Prior to pursuing this professionally, I created, gifted and sold nearly a dozen of my paintings to known contacts.

I have received motivating responses from the known curators, which was enough for me to take this deep dive.

Pragati wants Forma Pictura to go Global – Kalpavriksh/ money tree

Any training in art?

No training. As I say, creativity is the ability to use imagination to generate new ideas. To be a successful artist, one needs creativity and visualization.

You mostly paint spiritual themes. Why?

Spirituality means relating to people’s thoughts, beliefs and emotions. The paintings that can’t spread positivity and be relatable to people will not attract attention. As every painting speaks volumes about the artist’s creativity, it also resonates and unveils the choice of its owner. I have found that my community of followers prefers my paintings on spiritual themes. So, I believe that my spiritual-themed paintings are associated well with the community. This motivates me to focus on spiritual themes.

What else do you do?

Apart from creating my own art, I spend some time observing the creativity around me in nature. To fulfill this desire, I travel to different places and visit online and offline art galleries. While conceptualizing paintings, I spend a significant amount of time choosing colors and themes that should instill an emotional connection with the audience.

Do you sell your paintings?

Yes, all my artworks are inspired by the concepts that my target customers prefer. So, sooner or later, all the paintings that I create are sold out.

What do you see 10 years hence?

I believe that we Indians have tremendous creative potential. What we lack is proper direction and a professional outlook when it comes to creative art. I want to establish and grow Forma Pictura as India’s leading online 100% handmade art gallery, which will be staffed with handpicked artists offering authentic, affordable, and unique art works to people who dare to make their decorations stylish and different.

Forma Pictura will be reimagining wall decor, which will impact people’s lives with beautiful illustrations on their walls. In a decade, Forma Pictura will be the world’s creativity powerhouse for hand-made paintings.

What prompted you to start your insta page?

Instagram is the most popular social media platform for artists all over the world to share the images of their work. It offers an easy reach to followers and captures feedback in the form of comments and likes. We can also get analytical insights about our posts and plan promotions. Reaching out to the vibrant community of artists and art collectors together is prompt with an Insta page.

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You can contact her here

Find her on Facebook.

She’s on instagram, too.


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