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The Amnesiac! (Part IX)

“Ye…,” Keshav was in time to clamp her mouth shut. But, the commotion brought one of the guards outside. He was the same man, who had seen her on the balcony of the resort, some time back!
“Miss Radha Srinivasan, ace investigative reporter from The True Story, welcome. I also welcome Senior Inspector Keshav Pradhan, crime branch!” Sethi invited.
“How did you know my name?” Radha wanted to know.
“Oh. I know everything about you. Your friend Asha lives with you. Your brother is Inspector Kartik Srinivasan, Keshav’s colleague. I even know where your parents are staying. Your colleague Aakash, wasn’t that his name, was also on this case. He only got the laser, directed at the memory centre of the brain. You will get the radioactive rays,” his face turned hard. “I should have done the same with your colleague too. Then you would not have come here.”
“On the contrary, we would have arrested you right away,” Keshav spoke up calmly.
“On what charges? High speed radioactive rays do not leave any evidence, not even those which are left by fire. Whatever remained I dispose off very neatly underground.”
“What about the radioactive remains? You cannot shut them up permanently,” Keshav spoke up.
“I dump them very far away from here and who can connect me to them.”
“But, why, Mr. Sethi? Why all this?” Radha asked, curiosity taking the better of her.
“It’s ok to tell you because you are going to die! I was a junior scientist with the army. I was brimming with ideas. I would suggest them to my seniors, but they would laugh it off as childish. Then, I heard that one of my colleagues had been promoted due to an idea he had picked up from me.”
“I left the army and vowed revenge. The only way I could avenge myself was to develop a deadly weapon, through which I could take to task the whole nation. I had heard rumours that the army was planning to make a secret weapon. Snatching it from them was easy. I held the family of one of the junior scientists for ransom and the ransom was the blueprint of the weapon. From that I made this prototype,” he said showing the drill.
“How do you contain the radioactivity?” Radha was still curious.
“The gun is made up of a similar but lighter material like the atomic power plants. Due to a secret process, the electrons are made to travel 100 times faster than their normal radioactive speed. The result: every time I set this on R and press this button, the object in front of it burns with much higher intensity than with a normal fire and soon turns to ashes.”
“But, I found out that your colleague was later thrown out of the army for the same reason, snatching of ideas,” Keshav informed him.
“How did you know about this, Keshav?” Radha was surprised.
“We lackadaisical people also do some homework before setting out to investigate a case.” Then, he turned to Sethi and asked, “Why are you directing your ire at innocent people? What did they do to you?”
“The army hasn’t been punished. The officers, who used to taunt me have not been punished.” “Enough talk. Girl, come here. You will go first.”
A guard pushed her toward the man, who was insanity incarnate.
“No,” was all she could muster, struggling with the man. She knew she was done for. She looked for help toward Keshav, who was desperately struggling with 3 guards at the same time.
“Only a miracle can help us now,” she thought.
Suddenly, a gun shot rang out and the radioactive gun fell from the injured hand of the mad scientist!
To be continued…

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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it.

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