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The Amnesiac!

“Hello,” Radha spoke into the office phone.
“Hello? Is that Radha?”
“Who’s this?”
“It’s Keshav. Have you blocked my number on your cell phone? Your number is unreachable.”
“You could have called me with a different name. Why did you give your real name?” She was still upset with him for playing a prank with her. “I don’t want to talk to you,” and she banged the phone down.
Within an hour, she was told to meet the editor in the conference room. Keshav was present there.

Mr. Iyer told her to sit down near Keshav Pradhan and said, “Aakash was found near the city dump under suspicious circumstances. He told the police that he worked here. But, he does not remember where he was for the last 48 hours. He is recuperating in the hospital, now. I want you to investigate this story with Keshav. First, go and meet Aakash at the hospital. Ask Asha to come with you.”

“Aakash, what were you doing near the city dump?” Radha asked Aakash. Asha was also present with her.
“I don’t know, Radha,” he looked perplexed.
“How come?”
“It’s temporary loss of memory or amnesia,” explained Keshav.
“Come on, Aakash. 2 days back Mr. Iyer sends you to investigate a story and you end up near the dump. Something’s really fishy.”
There was no wound on his head, no concussion. But, Aakash could not remember any moment of the last 2 days when he had been investigating a case for The True Story.
“Now, wait a minute, Ms. Radha Srinivasan. What’s this story all about?” Keshav demanded.
“Well, this is classified information,” Radha said with attitude. It was fun to watch Keshav tasting his own medicine!
To be continued…

About Yashaswini K

Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it.

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