Wednesday , October 5 2022


Bringing up a Girl-child

Yesterday I was taking my Mom to the dentist, when we encountered a mother with her 2 kids – a 10 year old girl and a 4 year old boy, while going down our building staircase. The woman was loudly scolding her daughter for not performing well in her exams. ...

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Dangers At the Beach

I was going through the comments that I had got through last night and found this something about the beach. The woman had gone to the beach with her kids and had given her daughter a sea shell to listen to the waves from it. This only left the child ...

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Healthians Service Review

PR Mitu Sharma introduced me to the Healthians Website via her mail thus: I am addressing you on behalf of, India’s largest marketplace for Diagnostic Labs and hospitals that offer transparency in pricing, convenience and information in details about each medical test to help patients make informed decisions. The company ...

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