Friday , September 30 2022


Culinary Tips

1. Instead of using tomato slices in rasam, sabzi or any other such preparations, if the fruits are used after boiling in water, peeling and made into pulp, then it gives a better taste. 2. If you want to preserve ginger-garlic paste for later use, if ¼ teaspoon salt and ...

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After Celebrations of Independence Day

Come Independence Day, many of us have functions in our schools, organisations and even in our housing societies. We decorate the premises with balloons, paper and even flags. But after the celebrations what happens? The main flag that is hoisted is folded and placed inside safely. What happens to the ...

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Mundu’s Day Out

“Bihari, tomorrow I have to leave for Pune at 5.00 AM,” said Sujata Ramachandran Iyer to Mundu. She continued, “So keep coffee and biscuits ready at 4.30.” The next day she left the house at 5.00 AM. Bihari was alone in the house. He did all the household work quickly. ...

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