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The Passing of a Legend (Part VI)

When the girls tried to touch Prakriti, who had been beaten black and blue; she cringed away from them, in fright. Then, she recognized Katherine and Radha and began to cry, loudly. Keshav requested her not to cry aloud and she began to calm down.

Radha undid the ropes that held her. Asha removed her gag and gave the hapless lady some water from a bottle, which was lying nearby. Prakriti told them, “I was returning home from a shoot here and Manav kidnapped me, a few days back. I have lost track of the days. He wants my wealth and property. He has been torturing me all this while. The local police are also with him. This resort is his benaami (in someone else’s name) property.”

Right then, the doorknob turned and Manav Singh Rajput came in with the manager and some room-boys. The room-lights were also switched on. He uttered, “Welcome, Friends. When the manager told me that we had some interesting guests, I realized that someone had come trying to look for Prakriti.”

“And you had that room-boy watching the way to this floor,” Keshav spoke up.

“Yes,” he replied, sneering. “Senior Inspector Keshav, you are smart. But, you will not be able to leave here.”

“Whose dead body’s photograph did you show to the press?” Katherine wanted to know.

“That was just a photoshopped image. We wanted to take Prakriti’s photograph like a dead body. Prakriti did not cooperate with us. Enough talk. Boys, tie them up!”

But, before the room-boys could do anything, the room was flooded with army commandoes. The leader ordered, “This resort has been surrounded. You have no other alternative than to surrender.”

To be continued…

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