Monday , February 26 2024


Clean Your Make-up Kit

Girls, when we go out often we apply makeup suitable to the occasion. But have we ever thought anything about the brushes we use. We use several types of them for make-up. Besides we use sponges, tweezers and eye-lash curlers. When we use them, micro-organisms present on our skin are ...

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Fitternity Review

One of the subjects I enjoy writing about is health and fitness. Recently, Ritu Jhajharia, contacted me regarding Fitternity, the e-commerce start-up she represented as Vice president – Marketing. Her mail read, “I represent Fitternity Health eSolution Private Limited ( – a one-stop destination for fitness enthusiasts helping them to ...

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Mundu’s Way With Words!

Sujata Ramachandran Iyer settled herself in her Kandarpada home and relaxed. She had just returned from the US in the afternoon. Ganesh Sharma, who had been her husband’s colleague back in the US, had helped them to get a house in the Mumbai suburb of Dahisar. The next day, Sujata ...

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