Neha Inspires Everybody through Tarot Reading

Neha Shinde Jadhav

A Journalist Reveals were on a lookout for an astrologer for some reason. Neha Shinde Jadav, an old PR friend, contacted us when she got to know about it. At that time, we thought what the heck, let’s have her interview as well because firstly she is a lady and ...

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Ka Kha Gaa Creating Innovative Disruption in Creative Space

Sonali Kelapure

As everybody knows we have been on the lookout for female entrepreneurs. My friend Sonali Kelapure started क ख ग… (Ka Kha Gaa…) in October 2017, with her friend Vivek Shukla. It is a platform that introduces everyone to the most exciting and effective methods of writing through interactive creative ...

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Sangita and her GreenStreet

Sangita Wahi Mohin

A Journalist Reveals has been on the lookout for women entrepreneurs and environmental entrepreneurs. That is when Sangita Wahi Mohin contacted us. She has been creating awareness about organic farming. Her initiative, GreenStreet promotes organic practices, urban farming and changes people mindset towards natural sustainable practices in home gardens through ...

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