The Passing of a Legend (Part III)

“How did you know?” Radha asked Keshav Pradhan. “I have been doing some background research on this case from the time reports of her death began to be circulated around. I knew Radha would be assigned the case and Mr. Iyer would ask us to investigate it with her. Mr. ...

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The Passing of a Legend (Part II)

The man in front of the girls was Radha’s elder brother Inspector Kartik Srinivasan. With him was Senior Inspector Keshav Pradhan. They were in plain clothes. Radha looked away from Keshav because she was still angry with him for playing a prank on her. Kartik looked at his sister smiling ...

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The Passing of a Legend

Radha Srinivasan entered The True Story office and was told to visit the editor’s central cubicle in the editorial department, immediately. The editor, Mr. Iyer told her to pull up a chair close to him. With him was Katherine D ’Costa, the Bollywood reporter. Katherine or Kates, as Radha called ...

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