Epilepsy vs Supernatural Eyes!

By Soniya Khan We are living in the twenty first century. But still some of our thoughts belong to the past. Brain is only part of our body which keeps on working 24/7 without any pause, without any break. Sometimes the parts from which the brain derives the main power ...

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Tips for Mobile Phones

Last week my smart phone conked off. Being in the midst of a 3-day conference I could not take it to the service centre. I went to the nearest one today and that became an eye-opening experience for me. The problem with my phone was just a software update issue. ...

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Choosing the Right Beauty Products

Using the right beauty products is crucial for good maintenance of our skin and hair. Often we are jeopardized regarding the products to choose. The market is filled with adulterated stuff. Sometimes we may even have budget constraints. It is during this time that we should consult a beauty expert. ...

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