Friday , September 30 2022


Kids Hurling Abuses

We have heard of child abuse time and again. Another problem concerning abuses and children has arisen, i.e. kids abusing others. This is an issue that needs to be taken notice of and rectified. Kids using abusive language mostly happen in the areas where the lower class resides. But this ...

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Protecting Our Pedi- and Manicure Tools

Those who avail of pedi- and manicure services know how important it is for the tools to be clean and hygienic, while being used every time. In the salons like Enrich, they clean every instrument carefully by first washing in water and then subjecting it to UV Radiation in, what ...

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Supari Akka

Poornima Sharma’s family got transferred from Amritsar to Mumbai. She was with her 22 month old son Harsh and husband Shravan. Theirs was a love marriage, Poornima being a Tamilian and Shravan a Punjabi. They had come to Mumbai with the minimal essentials and had tried to settle in the ...

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