Wednesday , October 4 2023


Think it Over!

1. Trees, while they live, give shade and keep the atmosphere pollution-free. When they die or they are cut, they provide us with wooden doors and furniture. What about human beings? How useful are we? Think it over. 2. A friend had taken me to her cousin’s place recently. An ...

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Kitchen Hacks

1. Cut or entire lemon can stay fresh if kept in common salt. 2. After grinding masala for any dish, if you grind some Tuar Dal in the grinder without cleaning it, you not only get additional masala for your dishes, but also whatever remains of the masala that was ...

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Living Tips

1. Some people living in flats find air-conditioner unsuitable for them. Such people may want to use table and pedestal fans instead of ceiling fans, because the former circulate fresh air. 2. During festivals several diyas are lighted in Hindu homes. Many people light diyas for morning and evening poojas. ...

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