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Uthana Dwadashi

On Uthana Dwadashi, South Indians perform the wedding of Tulasi. The main part of the pooja consists of drawing an elaborate and colorful rangoli in front of the house. Rangoli means Ranga + Avali, i.e. it is the auspicious sign to bring in Lord Krishna. We place an idol of ...

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Amla Navami

The Navami after Gopashtami is also called Ugadi Navami as well as Amla Navami. On this day, Satyayuga began. Thus, it is called Ugadi Navami. On this day, the Amla plant is worshipped. Once, Adi Shankaracharyar went to a poor Brahmin’s house for bhiksha. There was no eatable in the ...

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Gopashtami falls on the eighth day after Diwali Amavasya. On this day, cows are worshipped. Cows should be bathed and decorated with good clothes, henna and kum kum. After this, we have to walk with the cows for some distance. They have also to be fed. They can be fed ...

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Naraka Chaturdashi

Naraka Chaturdashi is considered little Diwali in the North and big Diwali in the South. This day is also considered as Roop Chaturdashi, by the North Indians. There is a myth that the water infused with rose water, rose petals, sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and a pinch of sea salt ...

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Kojagiri Pournima

We cleaned and applied cow dung, etc. on the place of worship. We have to draw Ashtadalapadma rangoli on that place mixed with turmeric powder. Some people extend the rangoli by adding more petals within each petal. At the 4 corners, we have to draw lotuses with leaves. The 4 ...

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Janmashtami is the day Lord Krishna was born. Lord Krishna was born to kill the demons Kamsa and Chanura. On that day, God incarnated to vanquish evil. Almost all Hindus celebrate Janmashtami in their own way. We celebrated the festival on a small scale this time. As usual, we performed ...

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Govinda Aala Re Aala!

Like I said in a previous article, last week I had attended a 3-day conference. Delegates from different countries had attended the event. During the tea-break on the first day, I met a girl from Indonesia, who asked me where they form human pyramid. Initially, I did not know what ...

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