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Orange for Health

The orange rind rejuvenates, when boiled with tea leaves, all the medicinal ingredients are absorbed by the tea. Thus it becomes a good beverage. The orange rind mixed with pepper rasam and had during cold, cough, fever or flu; is helpful in that health condition. Grind a little orange rind, ...

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About Orange

Orange contains vitamin C in abundance, which is useful to prevent cough and cold. When you drink the juice of oranges or eat the fruit constipation is relieved. The coating on the tongue is also reduced. It clears the throat and gives instant stamina. It reduces nausea. Some people might ...

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Now-a-days; given the fact that people tend to have fast food, their untimely eating habits and their eating rapidly; acid formation in stomach is very common. Lemon is acidic because of citric acid in it. But it is a weak acid, so it becomes alkaline during digestion. Add 2 teaspoons ...

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Different Strokes

1. Wanna get rid of dandruff? And get rid of acne and wrinkles? At the same time, get optimum dosage of Vitamin A from diet itself? Daily consume the following: Take thoroughly washed fruits and vegetables – 3-4 pieces of papaya, 2 tomatoes, 1 carrot, 5-6 leaves of spinach and ...

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Health Tips

1. Leaves of carrot, radish and onion contain Vitamins A and C. Instead of wasting them, if used in any vegetarian or non-vegetarian preparation, we get the nutrients in our food. 2. For those in the weight-loss mode, it might be difficult to have bland salads every time. Since salads ...

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