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Brahm Bhatt Grew a Mustache and a Beard to Change his Identity

What a Waste! (Part IV)

6 months later, Radha was asked to interview a pharmacist, who had made significant research toward curing AIDS. B Vishweshwar looked oddly familiar. By the end of the interview, enlightenment dawned on her and he confidently commented, “So you are a journalist. If you hadn’t saved my life that day, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve so much in so less time.”

“Brahma Bhatt!?!” Radha almost shouted in astonishment. “Am I glad to see you alive? But, how did you…”

“To cut a long story short, I took the help of some friends to forge my certificates. Then, I applied for a job with faked experience in this private company. To change my appearance, I added a mustache and a beard. Most people do not cross-check the references since the candidates’ competence reveals the experience and knowledge he has gained.”

Brahm Bhatt Grew a Mustache and a Beard to Change his Identity
Brahm Bhatt Grew a Mustache and a Beard to Change his Identity

“Whose body was it then?”

“Before I could jump, a man came running and took a plunge. Then the train smashed his face. He was a thief running away from a crowd. All I had to do was to change the identity of the dead body when no one was looking.”

“And you achieved all this by faking your name and caste?”

“No, I don’t have a caste now. I would prefer to be a human being.”

“Incredible! After all, you are the same person and the competence is the same. What a sheer waste! If only you could have got it earlier, you need not have gone through all this. What a waste! Sheer waste!”

Disclaimer: All photographs used in this Fiction Series are only for representation.

Footnote: 1. We were made by God as human beings and religions, castes and creeds are man-made. The varnas or castes were made for the smooth running of the society and not for any reservation.

  1. Rules and laws need to be revised periodically.

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