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With Discrimination Towards None

Natural Calamities

Recently, floods struck Bihar and Gujarat. During such calamities, initially, people go out of the way to help the calamity-struck people. After a few days, the public interest dwindles. But, the calamity-struck people have to wait for several years to recover completely. In such times, some NGO-affiliated people go to ...

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Language Bombers

One day, the 7-year-olds Milind and Praveen picked up a fight. Milind said, “Don’t talk in a mixed language. Either talk in Hindi or English. Otherwise, I will not remain friends with you.” During the next week, Praveen spoke in either of the languages, since he did not want to ...

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The Story of a Rabbit

We had posted a small article on habit. A parent had enjoyed the post with his wife aloud. Their 5-year old son told his 3 year old brother about the article. He could not pronounce the letter ‘H’ properly. So, the younger boy heard it as ‘Abbit’, which he interpreted as ...

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A Story and a Joke

Teacher-Teacher One little boy poses as a teacher, while playing Teacher-Teacher. The boy asks the other children, “What is 2017’s lucky color, lucky number and lucky thing?” The others gave various answers, which the first boy said were not right. The other kids told the first boy to say. The ...

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Delusion (Hindi: Vehem)

Students Vajresh and Kishan go to their class. Kishan touches the threshold of the class and worships it. Then, he enters the class by placing his right foot in first. Vajresh laughs and tells everybody in the class to laugh again. The teacher enters the class. Kishan informs the teacher ...

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Makar Sankaranti

Makar Sankaranti celebrates the harvest season. People use new crops at home for the feast. This festival is celebrated by giving importance to farmers. There is a story related to this festival prevalent in South India: The Gods told a bullock to visit the earth to pass on a message ...

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Think it over

A grandfather, being a senior citizen himself, has taught his 2 1/2 year old granddaughters to call a female senior citizen as mad! The children call the lady so and looks at the lady longingly. People teach little children bad things and it becomes a habit for them. The same ...

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A Query to Mom (Part II)

One day, the crocodile finds some black fruits on the bank of the canal. It finds the fruit tasty. While it was eating the first one, another fruit falls nearby. When the crocodile looks up, it sees a monkey and the tree is filled with blackberries. The crocodile asks the ...

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A Query to Mom

There is a proverb in Hindi – Jab gidad ki maut aati hai toh woh sheher ki taraf daudta hai. I asked my Mom, “Why do people say this proverb?” Actually, one interpretation is that people living in cities are worse than animals. Secondly, there is a proverb in Sanskrit ...

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