Friday , July 19 2024


Arjuna Awardee Says The Hard Work Was Worth It

Arjuna Award Winner Prabhjot Singh did not have a hockey background, but made it big in the sport due to sheer perseverance and family support. Initially, coach Inderjeet Singh Gill trained him for 5 years and then Ajay Kumar Bal in Air India Delhi. Post that Prabhjot joined Indian Oil. ...

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Raashul Tandon- I have been Lucky to Work with Beautiful People!

“Clean humour is diminishing because it needs wit and research! Since, now people want to earn quick, they make a mistake of going below the belt but they drop the standard! There was a time when subtle comedy was welcome, the most recent being Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. After that we were catapulted ...

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Tricks for Academic Achievements

Achievers always have some tricks up their sleeve. Let’s take the example of the toppers in exams. They come up with some really interesting tips and tricks to remember their lessons and some of them never forget these lessons all through their lives. How’s that? If this sounds interesting, read ...

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